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'Learn, Grow and Achieve Together Through God's Love'

  We have set up a 'Home Learning' page under the 'Key Information' tab.  This will provide more information for you about how to access a quality education  for your children at home.  Please remember to check your child's class page under the 'Children' tab for regular updates from your classteacher.  Please collect a paper pack if you cannot access technology.  If you would like more information please phone the DFE coronavirus helpline 0800 046 8687 or visit the full government guidance at:

Thank you for your tremendous support and understanding in this matter, if anything positive can come out of this then it is the wonderful community spirit and offers of help that have been overwhelming.

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Learn, Grow and Achieve Together through God's love

Year 3

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Please check the Year 3 page DAILY whilst school is closed for updates from the Year 3 team with regards to learning for your children. We are thinking of all of our children and their families at this time. Thank you ❤

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Week Beginning 30/03/2020

Don't forget to send your home learning photos in to

so they can be put onto the Home Learning Section under the Key Information tab. We have spotted one of you on there doing some baking and would love to see more of your lovely faces as the week goes on! 📸

Also don't forget to check at the bottom of the Year 3 page for some useful websites to access while school is closed.


TT Rockstars

I have been having a look at who has been on TT Rockstars while school is closed and I was SO pleased to see that lots of you have used it! While I was on there, I stole an idea from Miss Mitchell and have set up a battle for

Year 3 - Girls vs Boys!

The battle will run from 3pm on Wednesday April 1st until 3pm on Wednesday April 8th. I hope lots of you will be able to join in with this. Remember - your TT Rockstars logins were stuck into your homework books way back at the beginning of the year. If you can't find these, they have been sent out via text message to your grown ups. The link for the TT Rockstars website is at the bottom of this page.


Let the battle begin...laugh

Wow that sounds great! 

I’ll have to look out and see who is winning...I wonder...wink

                        enlightenedAn update from Ms Shepherd enlightened

Good morning, I hope you had a good day yesterday. Keep up with your work! Also, see how many verbs you can find in your reading books, list them. Choose your favourites and act them out charades style to your family, perhaps using adverbs (describing the verb; quickly, slowly, carefully, excitedly etc). Can they guess what you are performing? You could play together for points, you could even use the same verb but with different adverbs. smiley

Times table game - enjoy! How many games can you think of to learn these?

David Walliams! I might try it myself Mrs Townend! Hope you're all having some time in the sunshine!

The weather looks good today so would you like to carry on our Science? I hope you can see this clip which is about water and air friction: I thought we'd start with water, enjoy! Just in case it doesn't open, you will need a bucket of water and a selection of items. Put them in order of sinking and floating and see if you can find out why that happens! Don't forget to predict first!

I hope you had a lovely weekend laugh

So did you manage to order the objects in the water? Which sank, which floated? Today see if you can find some paper and string and a small object: tiny plastic person/piece of blutak? Cut large paper squares of different sizes and connect each of them like a parachute (If you don't have much paper, start with the biggest and cut that piece down to the smallest or use free newspapers). Put the parachutes in order of how slowly they fall: use a stop watch on a phone. You'll need someone to help you especially if you want to drop it from high up. Both the water and the air experiments tell you something. Do you know what? I'll tell you tomorrow!


So did you guess? 

Friction is a force between 2 surfaces. If you tried floating something in water or letting down parachutes of different sizes you have shown friction when the water and air particles pushed against the objects. That's also what happened to the magnets when you held them together; the same poles push away from each other. What can you find today that you have to push or pull to make it move? Maybe a tug of war with your family! Be safe!



So what have you been up to? Have you made a rainbow or put a teddy bear in your window so that everyone can see on their walk? Maybe you've used my timestable game or read a book. Perhaps you've been investigating forces or creating artwork! Whatever you've been up to don't forget to take a photo so you can put it on the website! I would love to see what you've been doing! smiley

An Update from Mrs Townend⭐


Good Morning my lovelies! Big Monday morning virtual hugs to you all - I hope you've had a lovely weekend. Just a quick one from me today... PLEASE keep up with your reading, even if you have read your school reading books, try and find books/comics etc to read at home. Maybe you could send in some photos of you doing your reading in some unusual poses? In the words of Dr. Seuss...

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Wow, it's April Fools' Day! I have to say I am secretly glad that we aren't in school because I'm sure some of you would have played a prank on me this morning! I hope you are all safe and well - I am thinking of you all and I really do miss you. PLEASE keep sending photos in to

as it would be so lovely to see you all smiley. Keep trying your best with your learning, you are absolute stars and you know I think you are amazing!

Mrs Townend xx



Happy Thursday! I have to admit I am losing track of what day it is...

Don't forget to join in with the Year 3 Girls vs Boys Battle on TT Rockstars. At the moment, the BOYS are winning!

Lots of love ❤ xx

The Year 3 Team


In Year 3, the class teacher is Ms. Shepherd. She is assisted by Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Mrs Townend. On a Thursday morning, Mrs Roscoe teaches French. Mr Smart leads PE sessions on Tuesday afternoons and on Thursday mornings.


If you wish to speak with Ms Shepherd, please call the school phone number or pop into the office to make an appointment.


Our Long Term Overview

This is the long term plan of what your child will be learning in Year 3.

  Topic Title Main subjects covered
 Half term 1  Romans History / Geography 
 Half term 2 Healthy Humans

Science / Music / Art

 Half term 3  Rock n Roll Science / History / Geography / D.T.
 Half term 4  Monsters (Iron Man) Science / D.T. / Music
 Half term 5  Local History Science / History / Geography
 Half term 6  How do Plants grow? Science / Art


What are we learning this half term?


This half term our topic is Monsters (Iron Man)


In English, we will be focusing on The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and doing lots of work around this.


In Maths, we have moved onto Measurement, incorporating length, weight and capacity. We will also look at conversions between these.


In RE, we will be looking at Lent and Easter, whilst focusing on our Christian Value of 'Forgiveness'.


For this half term, instead of PE on a Tuesday afternoon, we will be attending Forest School.


(Pictures of our learning are added regularly to the 'Gallery' below - just keep scrolling!)



All children in Year 3 are asked to bring their Homework Books and Home Reading Books up to class DAILY.


Homework Books

Your child has been given a homework book. Homework will be set each week by Ms Shepherd and will be stuck into your child's book. In line with the rest of the school, spellings are now being given out in a booklet at the beginning of each half term, with details of each week's spellings which your child will need to learn. There will also be a separate task to complete over the course of a half term, details of which will be given out accordingly.



In Year 3 we use the Oxford Treetop reading scheme. It is so important that you listen to your child read each night - little and often really is key and helps to develop fluency and confidence. Also, asking your child questions about what they have just read really helps them improve their comprehension skills, for example:

"What happened to the main character(s)?",

"How did the character feel and why?",

"What do you think will happen next and why?",

"Does this book remind you of anything or another story?"

"Tell me your favourite fact from this book." (non-fiction) 

"What does (unfamiliar word) mean? How could you find out?" (non-fiction)

Also discuss the meaning of any words your child isn't familiar with as this can aid their overall understanding.


Please make sure you record the pages read with your child in their Reading Record and sign it.


Your child should bring their book into class and place it in the book changing box when they have finished it and it has been signed by somebody at home. Books are changed daily by Mrs Townend. It is expected that your child's book is fully read, signed and changed on at least a weekly basis. Mrs Townend loves to reward keen readers and super effort with stickers and certificates!

Please also let us know if your child is reading other books at home - we think all reading is brilliant!


Times tables

In Year 3 we need to be able to recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 3, 4 and 8 times tables (this is in addition to the 2, 5 and 10 times tables from Year 2). Please can you make sure your child practices these as they are used in several aspects of Maths.

All children have been given a login for Times Tables Rockstars, which has been stuck into the front of their Homework Books. If a replacement is needed, please ask Ms Shepherd or Mrs Townend.

heart We Love Reading! heart

On our class reading display, we have a chart to keep track of how many books we have read every half term. If we manage to read 10 books, Ms Shepherd gets us a book of our choice to keep! laugh 


SEVEN of us managed to read at least 10 books last half term! Between all of us in Year 3, we read over 200 books in the first half term after Christmas!




Let's see what we can do this half term... over to you Year 3!

What about P.E.?


P.E. is on a Tuesday and Thursday (for this half term, Tuesday's PE is replaced by Forest School).

Please ensure your child has a full kit in school and please make sure your child does not wear earrings on these days. 

  •  Indoor Kit: Black or navy shorts; white T-shirt; pumps. 
  • Outdoor Kit: Tracksuit or jogging pants, long-sleeved top and trainers. ​

  • All clothing and footwear should be clearly named.

  • All jewellery must be removed for P.E., long hair must be tied back.

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Autumn Term Learning

Our Healthy Humans Picnic 13.12.19

Rock 'n' Roll! (Spring Term)

(A VERY muddy) Forest School - Spring Term

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