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Art and Design

Our Art and Design Curriculum

Art and Design is an exciting area of our curriculum and provides our children with the opportunity to explore creatively as they build upon prior learning experiences. We view Art and Design as a journey whereby each child can work progressively through a sequence of planned skills. As our children develop and enhance their skills in different areas of Art and Design, this enables them to see what they need to do next in order to achieve a defined outcome.


Art and Design encompasses many different skills. They include printing, painting, textiles,

3-D and collage. Drawing is interwoven into different areas of Art and Design so that our children have the opportunity to apply this skill in a variety of contexts.


The sequencing and chronology of our lessons is seen as important as it provides our children with a clear focus for their own individual progression.


Art and Design provides our children with opportunities to evaluate and develop their work; using a range of ideas so as to improve further. Children are encouraged to collaborate with one another so as to enhance their work and adapt it as part of an ongoing process.


There are also additional opportunities for our children to be involved in Art and Design across school through displays, community events and cross-curricular links with visitors.


Have a look through our Art and Design Gallery so as to see some of our fantastic learning opportunities...


Home Page

St. Stephen's C.E.

(Aided) Primary School

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