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Tuesday 16th June

Hello Reception!


I've taken today's challenge from the TTS Early Years Pack. Here is the link:


If you look at page 6 of the pack, there is a lovely recipe for making playdough. You can then have a look at some of the fantastic activities that you can do with your playdough on pages 8-11. I love the 'Treasure Dough' activity as we used to do a similar activity in class. I remember when we hid coins in our playdough for Chinese New Year! I wonder if you can recognise the 1p coin? Remember to think about what we said with regard to colour and size. It doesn't always have to have the number 1 printed on it either! 

I also liked the 'Super Snakes' activity as you can be really creative whilst using words such as 'longest' and 'shortest'.

Making play food with your playdough also sounds fun and is very similar to when we made plasticine fruit baskets in class! 


If you aren't able to have a go with the playdough activities at home, don't worry. You could still have a go at recognising 1p coins like treasure and could make your own snakes using lengths of paper, string or wool. 


Have a good day!

Mrs. Powell

Home Page

St. Stephen's C.E.

(Aided) Primary School

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