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Our first topic this term will be 'All About Me'. This topic provides the children with a wonderful opportunity to find out about themselves and what makes them unique. 

We will be talking about our families and the things that we like to do at home.

We will be naming different parts of our body, exploring with our five senses and finding out about the things that we like/dislike. 

Please take a look at our curriculum overview to find out more!

The first half term also introduces us to an exciting adventure in Maths. We will be going along to the imaginary world of Number Land where all sorts of adventures will take place! We will learn to recognise our numbers, sing songs and have fun exploring different concepts as we go!

In Phonics, we will be learning our letters and their individual sounds. We will enjoy interactive and multi-sensory activities each day; all of which will be designed to immerse us in the excitement of learning to read and write. 

We will also have regular opportunities to explore environmental sounds around us. We will look at how we can use our voices to make different sounds. We will explore the sounds of instruments; having fun creating music in different ways...

Many activities will be available to help us to hear rhyming words and to notice alliteration. We will sing songs and rhymes each day; enhancing this experience with puppets/props. We will also learn to blend and segment the sounds in simple words; again doing this in a multi-sensory way.  

Home Page

St. Stephen's C.E.

(Aided) Primary School

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