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  We have set up a 'Home Learning' page under the 'Key Information' tab.  This will provide more information for you about how to access a quality education  for your children at home.  Please remember to check your child's class page under the 'Children' tab for regular updates from your classteacher.  Please collect a paper pack if you cannot access technology.  If you would like more information please phone the DFE coronavirus helpline 0800 046 8687 or visit the full government guidance at:

Thank you for your tremendous support and understanding in this matter, if anything positive can come out of this then it is the wonderful community spirit and offers of help that have been overwhelming.

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Learn, Grow and Achieve Together through God's love


Welcome to the second half of the Spring Term in Reception Class!

This once again promises to be an exciting half term with lots of opportunities to enhance our learning in so many different ways. 


Our topic is 'Animals' and provides us with opportunities to explore pets, zoo and farm animals in a multi-sensory way. We explore and make different habitats for animals; comparing and contrasting different environments. We will be classifying animals and devising our own criteria in which to sort them. We will explore animal patterns and have a go at creating these in our Art lessons. Animal sounds will be explored and re-created through our Music lessons. 


A highlight of the half term is our visit to Thornton Hall Farm. We will meet lots of farm animals and experience first-hand what life is like on the farm. We will use maps to find our way around the farm and will then have a go at creating our own when we return to class. Whilst on our way to the farm, we will see what physical and human features we can spot through the coach windows! 


We will also celebrate Shrove Tuesday and enjoy the experience of making pancakes. This paves the way for a lovely story called 'The Runaway Pancake'. Our story helps us to use lots of ordinal numbers as we talk about the characters who joined the chase! Meanwhile, back in our Role Play Area, we will enjoy the grand opening of our pretend Pancake Cafe. We will use coins to 'pay' for pancakes and write lots of food orders. 


As we approach Easter, we will be searching for our missing Easter Egg! We will write descriptions and create predictions about where it could possibly be! This is all based around the story of 'We're Going on an Easter Egg Hunt'.


In Maths, we will be estimating, weighing, ordering numbers, measuring length/capacity and using lots of mathematical vocabulary. We will continue to build confidence in our recognition of 'teen' numbers and will be introduced to 3-D shapes as we build models. 


There are so many exciting events and experiences this half term, not forgetting World Book Day as well! We are really looking forward to getting started with our learning but please take a look at our Curriculum Overview below and if you have any further questions, pop in to speak with one of the Reception Team.



In Phonics, we will be continuing to learn our letters and their sounds. We will continue to look at how two letters can form one sound. This is known as a digraph.

We will enjoy interactive and multi-sensory activities each day; all of which will be designed to immerse us in the excitement of learning to read and write. 


Many activities will be available to help us to hear rhyming words and to notice alliteration. We will sing songs and rhymes each day; enhancing this experience with puppets/props. We will also learn to blend and segment the sounds in simple words; again doing this in a multi-sensory way.  


Your child will continue to bring home their Book of Sounds each week. We will add new sounds and words to practise at home as these will help to consolidate learning covered in class.


We also have Story Time throughout the week- it helps us to remember our school Reading Motto whereby we reflect on how reading gives wings to our imagination. We enter Story Land with special music and our sparkly wand. We step through the Magic Mirror into a land of excitement and imagination; a place where stories come alive! 

We 'vote' for stories; choosing which books we would like read at the end of the school day. We also have the opportunity to be 'caught on camera' as we explore our own Reading Area during Continuous Provision. 


Guided Reading takes place each day and each group has the opportunity to read with their teacher once per week;  with a phonics focus to their session. In addition, children read individually with a comprehension focus throughout the week. This means that they are benefiting from both a phonetic and comprehension read; tailored to the needs of their group and then individually.  Individual reading is carefully planned and targeted to what each child needs and in Reception we consider this to be of prime importance. We feel that individual reading complements the weekly guided read and helps our children to develop a love of books.

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St. Stephen's C.E.

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