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Learning Project for 4th May

Home Learning for Reception- Week Commencing 4th May


This week your theme is 'Environments'.

Here is the link to your Learning Project:


There are some lovely activities to try. I particularly like the rainmaker activity. We made something similar in class before Easter. You can basically use any empty container, bottle or box that you have at home and fill it with something that will make a sound when you shake it! The project suggests a spoon or two of rice or lentils but you can use other things too! I think we have used old buttons and plastic bottle tops before! It all depends on what you have available at home so please just use what you can for this. 

The decoration of your rainmaker is the next bit...

Be as creative as you can! Paint, sequins, stickers, glitter, collage- the choice is yours!

I would love to share some of your home learning photographs on the website; particularly your rainmaker designs.

Please send them in- I know that Mrs. Rennolds and Mrs. Starr will be eager to have a look at how creative you can be! We have all seen your fabulous imagination and creativity in class before so make sure you show your grown ups at home exactly why we are so proud of you all.


Have a lovely week and look out for our Daily Updates every day on the Class Page.

We miss you all!

Home Page

St. Stephen's C.E.

(Aided) Primary School

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