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Year 4

"Do to others as you would have them do to you." Luke 6: 31

Welcome to Year 4 2021-2022


Mr Gane (Class Teacher)

Mrs Townend (Teaching Assistant)

Mr Smart (PE Teacher)

Autumn 2

Welcome back!  This half term's theme is 'Our Town, Our Turf'.  This will involve looking a lot at our local area and the celebrating everything local.  For our Wow Day, we visited Towneley Hall and learned some local history including trying a bit of weaving.


Below are is the curriculum coverage and timetable.

Autumn 1

This half term our theme is 'We Love Reading'.  This involved a day learning about Harry Potter and the following day writing our very own Hogwarts Letters.  The children have settled into Year 4 really well and are enjoying the subjects we are learning this half term.


The coverage and timetable documents are below:

Year 4 2020-2021

Below is all the content from the last year which isn't relevant to this year's class.  We are keeping it to show the hard work that was put into our children's lockdown learning.

Summer Term 2021


Welcome back! We are so happy to be back in school with all children.  All information for this half term will be here, on our class web page.

Miss Mitchell


Monday 13th July


I cannot believe it's the last week of term and the last week of the school year. I know that it has been a very strange time for you and that a lot of you will be feeling anxious about next year. Try not to worry. You are all lovely, talented children and I will be telling Mrs Pate all about you this week. 


Your last week of learning is on the theme of "Music". What a fun topic for the last week! I really hope you enjoy it.


Miss Mitchelllaughheart

Friday 10th July


Did any of you manage to create a dance from another country / culture? I would have loved to have seen them. 


Miss Mitchell blush

Thursday 9th July


Hello Year 4.


Today, I'm including some more science learning because it may take you a while to set up the investigations and observe what's going on! Enjoy!


Miss Mitchellenlightened

Wednesday 8th July


I hope you are enjoying your learning this week and finding out about new places.


I've learned some new facts myself in school. (You're never too old to learn!)


Miss Mitchellblush

Tuesday 7th July


Hello Year 4. It's Tuesday - science day!


The next lesson is all about boiling and evaporating. Make sure that you are supervised by an adult if conducting these investigations! Stay safe. 


Miss Mitchell wink

Monday 6th July


I hope you had a lovely weekend seeing relatives or friends you may have not seen seen for many weeks.


This week's learning theme is "Around the World". I hope you enjoy it.


Miss Mitchelllaugh


Friday 3rd July


I hope you have enjoyed this week's learning about famous and significant people. Please remember to send any photos of your learning to


Have a great weekend.


Miss Mitchell blush

Thursday 2nd July


Well done to the boys who won the Times Tables Rock Stars tournament again!


The boys scored 2677 coins and the girls scored 1071 coins!


Miss Mitchellyes

Wednesday 1st July


There is only ONE DAY TO GO until the times tables tournament ends! At the moment, the boys are winning. The current points are: 


Boys: 2501 (Lewis, Zak, Riley, Lucas T, Archie, Eli, Henry, Lucas B and Michael)

Girls: 1071 (Emelia, Louise, Lottie, Lily and Kristel)


Can this all change in a day? Over to YOU.


Well done to all of the children who have contributed so far. It's not too late for others to join them!


Miss Mitchell laugh

Tuesday 30th June


Good morning. I cannot believe that today is the last day of June! Happy birthday to all the children in Year 4 who have turned 9 in the month of June!laugh


Today, I would like you to have a look at the next science lesson which is investigative work about freezing and melting.


Miss Mitchell enlightened

Monday 29th June


Good morning Year 4.


The learning for this week is all about famous and significant people. There are all sorts of people you can find out about. I hope you enjoy it.


Have a good day.


Miss Mitchell smiley

Friday 26th June


Good morning Year 4.


I hope you have enjoyed learning about rainforests this week. I think it's been a really interesting topic.


If you haven't already done it, it would be good if you could try this activity:

Layers of the Rainforest- Create your own diagram showing the layers of the rainforest and the animals you can find in each layer. You could cut and stick pictures, paint or draw! Can you categorise the animals?


Hope you have a productive day and a relaxing weekend.


Miss Mitchellsmiley

Thursday 25th June


Hello Year 4.


Today, I'd like you to have a go at another science lesson. This follows on from the one that I put on our page on Tuesday.


Miss  Mitchell enlightenedcool

Wednesday 24th June


What scorcher - the hottest day of the year so far I've heard!


As I mentioned last week, I have set up a TTRS tournament for our class, boys against girls. Well done to Lewis, Zak, Lucas T, Eli and Lucas B who have all contributed for the boys and to Emelia, Lottie and Louise for the girls. We're half way through and the boys are winning (again)!


Come on girls - you can do it!


Miss Mitchell laughlaugh

Tuesday 23rd June


Our new science unit is "States of Matter". If we had been in school as normal, we would have been carrying out lots of investigation work as part of this science topic. If you follow this series of lessons, you can do this yourself at home! 


Today, I am including the first lesson which introduces solids, liquids and gases. I might include another lesson later this week.enlightened


I miss you,

Miss Mitchell.laugh

Monday 22nd June


Good morning Year 4. I hope you had a lovely weekend celebrating Father's Day. Happy Father's Day to all the dads, step-dads, father figures and grandads out there! I hope your children spoiled you!heart


The theme for this week is "The Rainforest". I've attached the learning below. It's really interesting and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


Miss Mitchell blush


Friday 19th June


Our RE unit this half term is all about prayer. Below, I have attached an image of a "5 finger prayer". Each finger and the thumb represent different types of prayers.


Maybe you could make one of your own and write a prayer for each finger and your thumb. You can design and decorate them however you wish! 


I hope that you are all staying safe and well.


Miss Mitchellheart

Thursday 18th June


Good afternoon Year 4.


I know that a lot of you are revising spellings at home that you've been given to learn over the year. That's great.


I am conscious that we not having weekly spelling tests in school, so below, you will find a list of key words that are for Year 3 and 4. You can use this list as you wish. You might try to learn a few words each day, or you might want to learn several over a week. That is up to you.


Miss Mitchell smiley


Wednesday 17th June


Hello Year 4.


I have been monitoring your Times Tables Rockstars activity over the last few weeks and as a class, it has eased off a little bit recently. There are certain individuals who have been logging on and improving which is fantastic!


I have set up a NEW CHALLENGE for you, which starts tomorrow and will last for two weeks. This is another boys v girls tournament. The boys won last time (and there are more of them in the class to begin with so they are at an advantage!) Girls - can you rise to the challenge and beat the boys? All you have to do is play to earn coins.


Good luck everybody- the tournament begins tomorrow...


Miss Mitchell wink

Tuesday 16th June


I would like you to have a go at the last lesson of the science unit, "Habitats". Today's learning is all about environment changes. 


We will start a new science unit next week.


Miss Mitchellenlightened

Monday 15th June


Good morning Year 4. I hope you had a lovely weekend.


This week's theme is "Sport". It's a really interesting topic! You can look at famous sporting figures, sporting heroes and the Olympic Games. 


Have a great day.


Miss Mitchell laugh





Friday 12th June


Hello Year 4. I have some very exciting music news for you all... I wish I could be singing with you all in school, but this is the next best thing:


Lancashire Music Service: Virtual Big Sing

Children both in schools and at home are invited to be part of Lancashire Big Sing! We'll be hosting a ‘Virtual’ Big Sing on our Lancashire Music Service YouTube channel available to young singers at home or in school.


For those of you who love to sing, why not get involved? Click here for more information:

Follow the daily videos on the LMS YouTube Channel from Monday 15th June to learn the songs and then join in on Thursday 25th June when children and families from all over Lancashire will be singing in our virtual performance with singing leaders Emma and Tim.


Have a great weekend. 

Miss Mitchell blush

Thursday 11th June


Good morning Year 4.


I would really like you to try to write an under water themed story. It's the writing challenge for today! You can base it on the film 'Finding Nemo' or you can just create your own adventure story based under water.


You have done some excellent, descriptive writing over the year. I'll add a few writing tips below:


►Use the senses to describe the setting.

►Use inverted commas and other punctuation for speech.

►Organise your writing into paragraphs.

►Use fronted adverbials for when and where.

►Use a range of punctuation, including capital letters for proper nouns.


Good luck. I hope your arms and hands don't ache too much!


Miss Mitchell yes



Wednesday 10th June


I hope you're having a good week Year 4. 


On Sunday (7th June), it was Trinity Sunday. This is the first Sunday after Pentecost. It is where Christians think of God as 'three in one' - God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You can watch and read the powerpoint below and as a challenge, you can create your own special Holy Trinity symbol. If you'd like to send a photo of your design into school, I'd like to see them.


Miss Mitchelllaugh

Tuesday 9th June


I hope you have enjoyed the "Under the Sea" theme so far this week.


Below you will find the next lesson in the science unit. Please try to have a go at the learning. enlightened


Miss Mitchellsmiley

Monday 8th June


Good morning. This week's theme is "Under the Sea". We are following the Robin Hood learning as we have been doing previously. There are some really great activities for you to have a go at and it is even broken down into days. I will post a few more things this week, so keep an eye on our class page.


I miss you all.

Miss Mitchelllaugh

Thursday 4th June


Good morning Year 4. I hope you all had a fantastic half term holiday and enjoyed plenty of time outside with your family. 


I will send out the new Robin Hood learning on Monday as they come in week blocks. The theme is going to be "Under the Sea" and I think you'll really enjoy it.  For the next couple of days, you can use BBC Bitesize or the Oak Academy resources for your home learning.


I really miss you all and I hope you're all staying safe and well. Please send in any photos of your home learning to (I really do enjoy seeing what you've been getting up to!)


Miss Mitchell smiley

Friday 22nd May


Good afternoon Year 4. I hope you're working hard on the last day of this half term!


There is no need for you to work over the holidays, but if you do want to keep your mind active, you can always read, go on Times Tables Rockstars and practise your spellings.


Have a lovely holiday. I miss you all so much.heart


Stay safe.blush


Miss Mitchellheart





Thursday 21st May


Good morning Year 4. It's shaping up to be another lovely day.


Lesson 3 of the science unit is all about creating a branching key for animals (insects). Maybe you could make one and send a photograph of it in to:


I'll attach Lesson 3 below. I look forward to seeing some! mail


Miss Mitchell heart



Wednesday 20th May


What a beautiful day. I hope you all managed to get outside for a while and enjoy it!


Miss Mitchell laugh

Tuesday 19th May


I hope you're enjoying the week so far and our new topic. Remember you can also use BBC Bitesize  and Oak National Academy resources. They both have some really interesting learning and activities. You can choose what you do! See the links below:


Miss you all,

Miss Mitchellblush

Monday 18th May


Good morning Year 4. Well, it's the last week of the half term and I've got to say, it's been the strangest half term I've ever encountered!


This week's learning is attached below. Try your best with it and work hard. If you have any questions, I'm always here to help.


Miss Mitchellyeslaugh

Friday 15th May


I can't believe another week has gone by. I'm missing you so much! I've enjoyed looking at the photographs that some of you have sent in. Keep it up please. Have a lovely weekend.


Miss Mitchell heart



Thursday 14th May


How are you getting on with telling the time? I know it's not easy, but persevere - make it your goal!


Miss Mitchell smiley

Wednesday 13th May


Hello Year 4. One of the challenges on the Robin Hood Learning Projects this week is to learn how to tell the time. This is not only a maths skill, but a life skill too! It's really important.


Maybe start by making sure you can tell the time on an analogue clock, (like the clock on the classroom wall). If you feel confident with this, then move onto the digital clock. For example, school usually finishes at half past three in the afternoon = 3.30pm or if you wanted to use the 24-hour digital  clock, it would be 15:30.


Go as far as you can - the aim is that we learn all three by the end of Year 4! Talk to your families and friends and challenge each other!


Good luck,

Miss Mitchell enlightenedyes

Tuesday 12th May


Well, the weather has certainly deteriorated! It feels like we've gone from summer to winter.


I hope you enjoyed the science learning last week. I'll attach the second lesson of the "Habitats" unit and it would be great if you could have a look at it sometime this week.


Take care Year 4,

Miss Mitchell laugh

Monday 11th May


Good morning Year 4. I hope you had a good weekend and managed to enjoy some sensible celebrations for VE Day!


Here is the Robin Hood learning for this week. Don't forget that you can also use the BBC Bitesize and the Oak National Academy resources along with extra activities that I sometimes add to our class page. If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to get in touch with school.


I miss you all more and more each day.

Miss Mitchell smiley


Friday 8th May

VE Day (Bank Holiday)heart

Thursday 7th May


Hello Year 4. After I finished work today, I decided to dig out my mountain bike from the garage and go for a ride. I cycled along the canal for about 12 miles, enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and even spotted some geese and swans along the way!


I hope you've all seen the advert about becoming a "digital leader" in school from Mr Gane and Miss Green. If you've haven't, it's on the school Facebook page and the application form is there. I'm sure some of you would do a great job!


Miss Mitchell smileylaugh

Wednesday 6th May


I hope you're all staying safe and well at home. I am missing you SO MUCH! It's going to be sunny for the rest of this week, so enjoy it while it lasts. I'm adding another couple of VE Day resources for you if you'd like to have a go at them.


Miss Mitchell heart

Tuesday 5th May


Good morning Year 4. I hope you're having a good week so far.


As you are probably aware, it is VE Day on Friday, (Victory in Europe - marking 75 years since the end of World War Two). I'm attaching some resources, mainly bunting, that you might want to print and colour to decorate your home.


I'm also attaching a booklet about "feelings". If you would like a paper copy of the "feelings" booklet, please contact school and we can leave one in the porch for you to collect.


Miss Mitchell smiley

Monday 4th May

Good morning! It's another lovely day today.


It's our "Fly Your Flag Day" so if you get the chance to walk past school with your parents, come and have a look at the flag and give us a wave and a smile! It's outside, at the front of school. If Mrs Cox spots you from the office, she'll let me know and I'll come to the door and give you a wave and smile too!


I will attach the Robin Hood learning project for this week. You can also use the BBC Bitesize resources or the Oak Academy resources that I shared with you last week. Have a great day.


Mrs Pate has also found some science activities for you. I'll attach this below - it's all about animals and their habitats, which we would have been learning about in science this half term. I hope you enjoy it!


Miss Mitchell laugh


Friday 1st May

I'm so sorry Year 4 but I forgot to post on Friday! It was a very busy day for me. I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Miss Mitchell smiley

Thursday 30th April


Good afternoon Year 4.


Well, it's the last day of April. I can't believe how quickly this month has passed! Happy birthday to those children who had a birthday in April. If you did something special for it such as having a party in the house, receiving or eating a cake or just did something fun, send your photographs in to: as I'd love to see what you've been up to. 


Don't forget to clap for our key workers tonight at 8pm (or even bang your pans, blow whistles or play your glockenspiels!) We have been making a flag in school to celebrate our key workers. It will be displayed outside school on Monday, so if you walk past as part of your daily exercise, have a look! Maybe you could make one at home too, on a piece of paper or an old piece of fabric?


Speak to you in May,

Miss Mitchell wink


Wednesday 29th April



Well done to the 12 children who took part in the Year 4 v Year 6 tournament over the last week: Zak, Dameon, Lucas T, Michael, Lottie, Harrison, Reuben, Riley, Emelia, Eli, Louise and Joshua M.


Y4 overtook Y6 in the last 24 hours and won! Fantastic! You finished with a grand total of 14000 points to Year 6's 12399. A special mention goes to Zak, Dameon, Lucas T and Michael who racked up over 1000 points each and to Zak who contributed over 5000 points alone!


Have a great day. Stay safe - I miss you all.


Miss Mitchellheart



Tuesday 28th April


Good morning Year 4. The TTRS tournament is SO CLOSE now between us and Year 6. You have until 9am tomorrow morning to take part in this tournament! I know we can do it! 


Miss Mitchellblush

The Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education has produced some new and exciting resources for home learning linked to the "Off the Shelf" picture posts. 


The idea is that children can choose any picture they find interesting to look at and discuss. They follow this by reading one of the two suggested Bible stories/text. They can then explore the story, its meaning and impact through a variety of activities that are of course ‘Questful’!


The resources contain activities that are suitable for children in Y1 – Y6 .The children can decide which activity suits them best. This hopefully makes the resource all age/family friendly and therefore can be enjoyed by siblings together.


Miss Mitchell

Monday 27th April

I hope you're enjoying accessing some new home learning resources. I'll put a link below to the Robin Hood learning project for this week. Enjoy!

Miss Mitchelllaugh

Friday 24th April

Have a lovely weekend. It's going to be a sunny one so make the most of it!


Year 6 are just ahead of us in the TTRS tournament at the moment. It would be great if everybody in the class could contribute. I think we can beat them - let's make it a team effort!


Miss Mitchell

Thursday 23rd April - SAINT GEORGE'S DAY


Happy St George's Day! Did any of you manage to dress up or do something special to celebrate?


I was nominated the other day to do a 5km run, donate £5 to the NHS and nominate 5 more people to do the same and I've just done it today! It was very difficult because as some of you may know, I injured my knee in August and have stopped running since, so it really was a challenge! I just took my time and ran on the soft grass, but I still did it! If you go out on a walk with your parents as part of your daily exercise, could you run 1km, or run for 5 minutes or even run 5km if you're feeling energetic? I challenge you. 


Don't forget to clap and bang pans tonight for all of our key workers!


Miss Mitchell smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Home Learning Update - please read Year 4!

Wednesday 22nd April

It's been lovely to see some of your home learning on the photographs that you have sent into school. I wonder if any of you have made something for St George's day tomorrow? If you have, please see if you're allowed to email a photograph to It would be brilliant to see some more of your smiling faces enjoying learning at home!

Miss Mitchelllaugh

Tuesday 21st April

Good evening Year 4. I'm sorry I'm posting late today. I hope you've all had a lovely day. I'm going to set up a Times Tables Rock Stars battle against Year 6....YES, Year 6, that's right! It's also  St George's day on Thursday, maybe you could be doing some activities over the next couple of days ready to "celebrate" that on Thursday, (as much as you can from your own home!) Enjoy!


Miss Mitchell yes



Monday 20th April

Welcome back. I hope you all had a lovely break!


As you will know, you won't be back in school for at least another three weeks due to the lockdown. I hope that you are working hard at home to keep things ticking over until we reunite, but I hope that you're having lots of fun too and getting to spend quality time with your family. I'm missing you all very much indeed!


I'll attach below the home learning for this week. Remember to keep up with the basics: reading, writing (and handwriting), spelling and times tables. On the home learning, you will see a link to something called Oxford Owl. Your parents can sign up for FREE and it will allow you access to free reading books (some of which you might recognise from school!) I know how much you love reading and wouldn't want you to run out of reading material. There's lots of other learning ideas on there too that you might fancy having a look at.


Miss Mitchell smiley



Sunday 12th April - EASTER DAY

Happy Easter Year 4.


I hope you all have an enjoyable, yet safe day with your families. Don't eat too much chocolate!cheeky


If you can, take a moment today to reflect on the true meaning of Easter - the resurrection of Jesus from the grave; His triumph over death to give us new life.



Results of the Boys v Girls TTRS Tournament

Friday 3rd April

Let's all wish Mr Gane a virtual HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday to any children who have turned 9, or will turn 9 whilst you haven't been at school. I'm singing it to you in the classroom right now! Today is the last day of term (technically), so please work hard and help your parents out, especially if they too are trying to work from home.

Miss Mitchellsmileysmiley

Thursday 2nd April

I was in school all day today - still missing you all. Stay safe.

Miss Mitchellblush

Wednesday 1st April

Happy April Fool's Day! I wonder if any of you managed to fool your parents?!wink

I hope you are all managing to look at our class web page. If you are checking daily, you will see that yesterday, I posted some leader boards for TTRS. 




I have set up a boys v girls tournament, starting tomorrow morning and lasting for ONE WEEK! Now, I can see that the boys have been working more on TTRS as it stands, however, girls, now is your chance to beat them!





Tuesday 31st March

Happy Tuesday Year 4.


I've been doing some spying on your TT Rock Stars activity over the last week and have some statistics for you. I'm going to write three leader boards below which show the top 6 pupils:

yesMost improved player over the last 7 days.

yesHighest earner over the last 7 days (people who have played on TTRS the most).

yesOverall leader board (fastest rock speed).

Here goes...


Most improved

1. EMELIAenlightened

2. Dameon

3. Reuben

4. Harrison

5. Kayra

6. Zak


Highest earner

1. HARRISONenlightened

2. Dameon

3. Kristel

4. Emelia

5. Reuben

6. Riley


Overall leader board

1. HARRISONenlightened

2. Lewis

3. Dameon

4. Eli

5. Zak

6. Riley


Well done to everybody who has been working hard on TTRS - it really does prove that practice makes perfect!wink Keep your eye open over the next few days for a BOYS v GIRLS battle.


I miss you all.

Miss Mitchell


Monday 30th March

Good morning Year 4. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and had a break from "school work". I don't know about you, but my legs are hurting from doing the PE lessons with Joe Wicks all week!


I'm attaching the work for week 2 below. Please try to make sure you do some maths and English every day, along with another activity and remember to keep active in whatever way you can!


Miss Mitchellangel

Friday 27th March

Sorry that this is coming to you late! I was in school all day on Friday and then my computer hasn't been working properly over the weekend. Mr Gane managed to help me via FaceTime!

Miss Mitchellcool

Thursday 26th March

Hello Year 4. Sorry I'm writing this later today. I've had a busy day in school! I'm really pleased to see (after monitoring TTRS) that so many of you have been on this week. What a great attitude - I'm extremely proud of you.


I've just been to my front door to clap in appreciation for the NHS and Key Workers - hope you did too.


Now, I want to let you know about something in advance of tomorrow because I think you'll like it.... If you are at home with an adult, ask if you are allowed to join in with "A virtual zoo day at Chester Zoo" which is through Facebook. It starts at 10am and finishes at 4:30pm. There's lots of animals to see live, including pandas, elephants, penguins and many more!

Miss Mitchell yes

Wednesday 25th March

Today, I've been working at home and have found myself singing a lot. It made me think of how much we were enjoying our music lessons. So, I'd like you to listen to the next song that we would have been listening to in school. (You should be able to find it on Youtube or Spotify, etc.) It's called "The Winner Takes It All" and is another pop song by ABBA. It was released in 1980 (bit of quick maths - How long ago is that?) and the song is a ballad reflecting the end of a romance crying. As you listen, see if you can answer the following questions:


What can you hear?  

What is the style of this music?

How is the song put together? 


Join in if you can!

Miss Mitchell 

Tuesday 24th March

Happy Tuesday! What a lovely, sunny day. Hope you manage to get some time in your yards/gardens to enjoy the sun. David Walliams (author) is releasing a FREE audio book every day and knowing how much you all love reading, I thought you might like to listen. I'll try to put a link below, or just google "Elevenses with The World of David Walliams" and you should get there. 

Miss Mitchellsmiley

As it's Tuesday, Mrs Roscoe has a special message for you:

Good morning Year 4. Hope you're all ok and keeping busy, keeping learning and keeping well. Sorry I didn't get to see you last week - I missed you! Mrs Roscoelaugh

Monday 23rd March

Hi Year 4.  It's Miss Mitchell here! I'm missing you all so much already.


For those of you who are working at home, I'm going to share the Robin Hood weekly learning overviews (these should appear below, each week).


We are also doing a daily workout in school with Joe Wicks through YouTube so I'll put a link to that too, or if you go to YouTube and type "PE with Joe", you should find it. It lasts about 30 minutes. Great way to wake yourself up in a morning!


Other than that, remember to keep up with TTRS and your reading! Please keep practising your handwriting too because you were working at such a high standard. If any of you do some work at home that you'd like to share on our class web page, please feel free to email it to and Mrs Ford can forward it to me.


Keep smiling and keep trying your best. Your best is always good enough for me.laugh


Robin Hood MAT Home Learning - Week 1 WB 23.03.20


Welcome to Year 4's class page. Here you will find information and details about our learning, the curriculum, news and photographs. Enjoy!


Meet the Year 4 Team


Miss Mitchell (Class Teacher)

Mrs Roscoe (Teacher - Tuesdays)

Mrs Green (PPA cover Friday afternoons)

Mrs Layfield & Miss Emma (Teaching Assistants)

Mr Smart (PE)



Please click on the link below to access the curriculum leaflet that details all our learning for this half term. Our topic title is "Passport to Europe".

Please click on the link below to view our weekly timetable. 

Macmillan Coffee Morning

The Macmillan Coffee Morning hosted by Year 4 last half term was a huge success. Thank you for all contributions of cakes and for your generous donations of money to the charity. A great time was had by all! We managed to raise an ENORMOUS £589.41 for Macmillan. Well done Year 4 and thank you everybody once again.

Half-termly topics

Please see the table below for topics and subjects covered in each half term.


Topic Title

Main subjects covered

Autumn term 1

Sparks Might Fly!

Design & Technology; Music; Science

Autumn term 2

The Great Plague

Art & Design; Geography; History; Science

Spring term 1

The Art of Food

Art & Design; Music: Science

Spring term 2

Passport to Europe

Design & Techology; Music; Geography

Summer term 1

Water, Water Everywhere

Art & Design; Geography; History; Science

Summer term 2


Design & Technology; Science


Home Page

St. Stephen's C.E.

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Welcome to St Stephen's. Our curriculum theme this half term is 'Our Precious Planet'. Our Christian Value is Courage and our British Value is Democracy.