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Friday 19th June

Hello Reception!


Your last challenge of the week is based around Art with some Literacy included.

We have had some RE, Science and Maths so far this week. We've also had a bit of D&T with our playdough activity and some Literacy linked with RE. 


If we were in school, our Art this half term would involve walking to the park to take photographs of different flowers and plants. We would then come back into class and create our own paintings of what we had seen. We would discuss the names of the flowers and would then look carefully at their individual colours. 

I wonder if you might be able to something similar at home today?

Could you perhaps walk to the park or look in your garden for flowers or plants?

What colours can you see? What are they called?

Can you paint or draw/colour your own pictures?

Can you then use your fabulous phonics skills to write labels for your pictures?


Have a lovely weekend!


Mrs. Powell 

Home Page

St. Stephen's C.E.

(Aided) Primary School

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