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Wednesday 13th May

Hello Reception!


I mentioned Numberblocks episodes in yesterday's post and am excited to give a you a few ideas of activities to go with these. I know your weekly learning projects mention Numberblocks so I thought that you'd find this helpful.


Episodes can be found on Cbeebies iPlayer or if you are struggling to locate a specific one, these can be found by simply adding the name of the episode in your taskbar and pressing to search. 


Could you try and watch either or both of the following episodes?


Numberblocks- 'Another One'

This episode focuses on finding 'one more than'.

After watching, use a dice to have a go at practising this skill.

Roll the dice and count the spots.

This is your starting number.

Now add one more to this number.

What is your new total?

Can you write this as a number sentence?


"I have rolled 3 on my dice. I now need to add one more. I will write it like this-


If you don't have a dice at home, please don't worry. The beauty of this activity is that it can easily be adapted. You could simply write the numbers 1-6 on pieces of paper and turn them over so that the numbers are face down. You can then choose and turn over a piece of paper to generate your starting number. 

As mentioned, this activity is great at being adaptable. You can make it more challenging by trying to find 'two more'.


Numberblocks- 'Numberblock Castle'

This episode encourages you to look at ways of making a total of up to 10 by adding two numbers together.

When you have finished watching, have a go at finding ways of making 10 on your own.

You might want to use counters, buttons, straws or any other objects that you have ten of at home. They don't all have to be the same object if you are struggling.

Have a go at writing some number sentences, for example, 5+5=10 or 9+1=10.


I hope that you enjoy your mathematical activities and would love to see how you get on.

I know that Mrs. Rennolds and Mrs. Starr would also love to see what you've been learning so please send any photographs of your learning into us at


Thank you and enjoy your day of learning!


Mrs. Powell





Home Page

St. Stephen's C.E.

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