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Welcome to Reception!


Meet the Reception Team


Miss Wilkinson is your Class Teacher.

Mrs. Rennolds is our Full-Time Teaching Assistant and we are also supported each morning by Mrs. Heywood. Miss Cole is our Full-Time Apprentice and we are also supported one afternoon each week by Miss Emma.


Our Class Timetable

Our timetable for the Spring Term is now on this page so scroll down to take a look at what we will be learning and when! P.E is on Friday mornings so please ensure that your child has their kit in school each week. 


Long-Term Curriculum Overview


In Reception, we cover lots of exciting topics. 


Autumn Term 1

Story Time

Autumn Term 2

Let's Celebrate! 

(Includes mini topic of Light and Dark)

Spring Term 1

Winter Time

Spring Term 2

Growth and Change

Summer Term 1

Fabulous Food

Summer Term 2

Marvellous Me!



Each half term, you will be sent a Curriculum Overview  where you will be able to see how each of our topics fits into the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.  


The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework


In Reception, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, which is made up of seven key areas of learning. We provide a play-based learning environment whereby children receive a mix of both adult and child initiated activities. The children’s play activities are planned with specific skills in mind and often encourage them to independently apply skills modelled during prior adult-led learning. 


Home Reading and Library

We visit the School Library every Monday and your child has the opportunity to choose a new book each week. Please ensure that library books are returned every Monday. Your child has an allocated day for their home reading book to be changed and it is important that they bring their book to school on this day along with their reading record. Please ensure that you have signed the reading record so that we know that your child has read. If you are unsure of your child's allocated reading day, please ask. 


Outside Play

We enjoy playing outside and exploring our environment in all weathers! Outdoor provision is part of every morning and afternoon session in Reception. Please ensure that your child has a warm coat every day and you may also wish for them to bring in a hat, scarf and gloves.


Home/School Links: Photographs and Pictures 

We always enjoy sharing any photographs or pictures from home during our daily Circle Time sessions. Please feel free to send in photographs of special family celebrations such as birthdays or pictures from places you have visited together. We also enjoy looking at pictures that your child has drawn or sharing souvenirs from places that they have been. In addition, we love to celebrate any achievements from home so please send in certificates or badges from any clubs or groups that they may attend, e.g., swimming or dancing. We will return these to you when your child has shared them with the class. 


Our Class Gallery

Please enjoy looking through our gallery by scrolling further down this page. It shows many of the fun learning opportunities and events from this half term. We will add to it continually so please keep checking back regularly.




Making Pancakes

Making Pancakes 1
Making Pancakes 2
Making Pancakes 3
Making Pancakes 4
Making Pancakes 5
Making Pancakes 6
Making Pancakes 7
Making Pancakes 8 A trophy to celebrate our pancakes!
Making Pancakes 9 The trophy is for Mrs. Rennolds and Miss Wilkinson

Our School Trip

Our School Trip 1
Our School Trip 2
Our School Trip 3
Our School Trip 4
Our School Trip 5
Our School Trip 6
Our School Trip 7
Our School Trip 8
Our School Trip 9
Our School Trip 10
Our School Trip 11
Our School Trip 12
Our School Trip 13
Our School Trip 14
Our School Trip 15
Our School Trip 16
Our School Trip 17
Our School Trip 18
Our School Trip 19
Our School Trip 20
Our School Trip 21
Our School Trip 22
Our School Trip 23
Our School Trip 24
Our School Trip 25
Our School Trip 26
Our School Trip 27
Our School Trip 28
Our School Trip 29
Our School Trip 30
Our School Trip 31
Our School Trip 32
Our School Trip 33

Fruit Tasting- Handa's Surprise

Fruit Tasting- Handa's Surprise 1
Fruit Tasting- Handa's Surprise 2
Fruit Tasting- Handa's Surprise 3
Fruit Tasting- Handa's Surprise 4
Fruit Tasting- Handa's Surprise 5
Fruit Tasting- Handa's Surprise 6
Fruit Tasting- Handa's Surprise 7
Fruit Tasting- Handa's Surprise 8
Fruit Tasting- Handa's Surprise 9

Developing our Computer Skills

Developing our Computer Skills 1
Developing our Computer Skills 2
Developing our Computer Skills 3
Developing our Computer Skills 4
Developing our Computer Skills 5
Developing our Computer Skills 6

Large Scale Construction Play

Large Scale Construction Play 1 Working together...
Large Scale Construction Play 2 Feeling proud!
Large Scale Construction Play 3 My model of the North Pole...
Large Scale Construction Play 4 Teamwork!
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St. Stephen's C.E.

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