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'Learn, Grow and Achieve Together Through God's Love'

  We have set up a 'Home Learning' page under the 'Key Information' tab.  This will provide more information for you about how to access a quality education  for your children at home.  Please remember to check your child's class page under the 'Children' tab for regular updates from your classteacher.  Please collect a paper pack if you cannot access technology.  If you would like more information please phone the DFE coronavirus helpline 0800 046 8687 or visit the full government guidance at:

Thank you for your tremendous support and understanding in this matter, if anything positive can come out of this then it is the wonderful community spirit and offers of help that have been overwhelming.

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St. Stephen's C.E.

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Learn, Grow and Achieve Together through God's love

Week Commencing 12th October

Hello Everyone!


This week, we will be learning the following:



We will be learning to recognise and write the number 4. We will be counting out 4 objects and arranging them in different ways; recognising that the total is still the same even when they are re-arranged. We will be using the following Numberblocks episode to help us:

Please note that as a school we are not responsible for the content of external websites.


If you are at home, have a go at writing number 4 and counting out four objects before re-arranging them. I'd love to see any examples of your work so please send to me via Seesaw.


In addition, we will be looking at the square shape so you might want to search for squares at home and let me know what you find. 



We are reading the story of Oliver's Vegetables and a PDF is attached below. 

Can you have a go at writing a list of vegetables using initial sounds, for example, 'p' for 'potato'?



Please refer to the weekly Seesaw Homework Task as it contains voice instructions.



We will be talking about the Harvest and discussing our favourite foods. Can you draw or paint a picture of your favourite meal?



We will read the story of the Colour Monster- see link below:

Please note that as a school we are not responsible for the content of external websites.


Can you draw or paint a picture of a happy feeling? What colour will you use?

Can you name all of the colours in the story?






Home Page

St. Stephen's C.E.

(Aided) Primary School

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On the 6th October we were informed by a parent of a child in Year 4 that their child had tested positive for Covid-19. The school took immediate action and isolated the bubble. The parents of all the other students in the child's class (Year 4), have been contacted and all children and staff in this class have been sent home as of 6th October (pm) and told to self-isolate for 14 days. The rooms where the class have been taught were deep cleaned immediately. No other pupil bubbles in any other year group have been affected.