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Week 6

Hi, we hope you managed to enjoy some V.E. day fun and are looking forward to being able to exercise outside more than once a day.  Remember it is still important to maintain social distancing to stay safe.  Take care.

The Year 2 Team X


Please find the link below for the project mat for this week. We remain grateful to the Robin Hood Academy for sharing these projects.

The project this week is about food. 


The BBC daily educational input link is below showing what they are providing and where.


Wonderful Writing Task


During the week discuss the picture and come up with a story idea.


Daily Message

Friday 15th May

I can't believe that it is Friday.  This week has gone very quickly.  Your friends in school drew pictures of their favourite food and wrote about it yesterday. Have a lovely weekend. smiley


Thursday 14th May

Bonjour. Your classmates were making sure they could spell the days of the week yesterday in school. Perhaps you could try today.


Wednesday 13th May

Hi, how are you all doing? I think the weather is meant to be better today, not quite as windy and a little warmer.  Keep going with your learning and try your best.


Tuesday 12th May

Good morning. Why did the pupil eat his homework? Because his teacher told him it was a piece of cake.


Monday 11th May

Good day. It was very windy yesterday. I nearly got blown away when I was walking the dog.


Daily Challenge


Wonderful writing day.  You could take a picture of your story and send it in.


Thursday - Creative

Can you draw a picture using just vegetables to make it?


Wednesday - Geography

Name the capital cities of the United Kingdom.

Choose a capital city and find out more about it.

Draw an aerial view of one of the rooms in your house (remember that is a view looking down from above, like a bird).


Tuesday - Mathematics


Monday - Name 5 things that are:




Smell nice

Sound nice


Child Friendly Covid 19 Explanation

Please find here a child friendly explanation about the virus that you might want to share with your child. Hope you are all well and keep safe. heart


Home Page

St. Stephen's C.E.

(Aided) Primary School

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Welcome to St Stephen's. Our curriculum theme this half term is 'Our Precious Planet'. Our Christian Value is Courage and our British Value is Democracy.