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Week 3

Hi, welcome back after the Easter holiday.  We hope you got lots of Easter eggs, had fun and are now ready to get back to some work.  Remember we are monitoring the login sites. Take care.

The Year 2 Team X


Please find the link below for the project mat for this week. We remain grateful to the Robin Hood Academy for sharing these projects.

The project this week considers viewpoints and we know that you are very good at giving your opinions. smiley


The BBC are now providing daily educational input which we are sure will be worth looking at.  Below is a link which shows what they will be providing and where.


TTS have put together a booklet you may like to look at.,584,037,589,000


Wonderful Writing Task

Your writing task this week is a recount.  Over the week talk with you family about things you have done over the last two weeks.  Think about what would be the most interesting for someone to read about.  Discuss the good vocabulary you could use.



Good morning. It looks like it going to be another beautiful day. The bulb we planted is now taller than the maths board! Unfortunately the sunflower seeds have not germinated sad.



Hi, hope you are all well. Sorry that we missed yesterday.  We can see that four of you are using the mathematics sites. Well done, we are proud of you. 



Good morning. We hope the first day back went well and you are going to get back into a learning routine.  


Daily Challenge

Friday - Wonderful Writing

Remember to give your recount a title.  You could use subheadings to help organise your work. Don't forget your punctuation.


Thursday - Creative

Using materials you have at home can you build a chair for one of your soft toys?  Make sure it is comfortable. You could use toys like Lego or building bricks, or you could recycle old boxes and bottles.  If you can take a picture.


Tuesday - English

Find five words to rhyme with:






Monday - mathematical


Child Friendly Covid 19 Explanation

Please find here a child friendly explanation about the virus that you might want to share with your child. Hope you are all well and keep safe. heart


Home Page

St. Stephen's C.E.

(Aided) Primary School

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Welcome to St Stephen's. Our curriculum theme this half term is 'Our Precious Planet'. Our Christian Value is Courage and our British Value is Democracy.