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  We have set up a 'Home Learning' page under the 'Key Information' tab.  This will provide more information for you about how to access a quality education  for your children at home.  Please remember to check your child's class page under the 'Children' tab for regular updates from your classteacher.  Please collect a paper pack if you cannot access technology.  If you would like more information please phone the DFE coronavirus helpline 0800 046 8687 or visit the full government guidance at:

Thank you for your tremendous support and understanding in this matter, if anything positive can come out of this then it is the wonderful community spirit and offers of help that have been overwhelming.

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Learn, Grow and Achieve Together through God's love

Week 2

Child Friendly Covid 19 Explanation

Please find here a child friendly explanation about the virus that you might want to share with your child. Hope you are all well and keep safe. heart


Friday 3rd April

Good morning Year 2.  My nagging does not seem to have had much effect.  Well done to Holly S and Ella you are the Year 2 Sumdog champions for this week but we continue to be way behind the other classes on Sumdog and TTRS sad.  So come on, get on those sites and let's make sure Year 2 are top.  All the Year 2 team are really missing you and hope you are all well and staying safe, learning and getting some exercise heart.   The link for the week 2 project mat is here. We remain grateful to the Robin Hood Academy for sharing these projects.


The project this week focuses on the 'Area you live in'. If you are doing the map activities remember you will be looking for Burnley not Birmingham. 


Wonderful Writing Task

Your writing task this week is to write a story.  The story needs to take place in a castle.  There needs to be a talking animal in it and a wooden box.  Remember to talk about your ideas and to listen to the ideas of your family over the week before you write the story on Friday.  Try to include some interesting vocabulary and description.


Daily Challenge

Monday - mathematical


Tuesday - English

Think of as many words as you can to use instead of 'said' e.g. muttered.


Wednesday - Creative

Use some shapes to make a rocket collage.


Thursday - Research

As this week's learning project is about our own area I want you to choose either Burnley Football Club, Towneley Hall or the Singing Ringing Tree and find out four facts to write in your book.


Friday - Wonderful Writing 

Good luck with this week's writing task.  Remember to try to get in all the sentence types.

Home Page

St. Stephen's C.E.

(Aided) Primary School

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