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Warm up - write the 2 and the 5 timetables forwards and backwards.  Ask someone in your house to test you by asking random questions.


Main - Look at the attached Powerpoint from Twinkl, with an adult, to remind yourself that multiplication is repeated addition.

Now complete the sheet below by copying it into your book.


Choose someone in your house, draw them and then write about them in full sentences.  You can describe what they look like and also write about their character.


Write as many colours as you can and then check with an adult they are spelt correctly.



What do we mean by the seaside?

What is a seaside resort?

Can you name 5 seaside resorts?

What would you expect to find at a seaside resort?

Draw and label a seaside resort.



Home Page

St. Stephen's C.E.

(Aided) Primary School

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